Projects are at the heart of PLANTZ.IO. Each project is focused on a different patient condition where there is robust evidence cannabis can help.

Projects typically have several parts to them.

Research Articles

Around the world, researchers at Universities, medical labs and foundations are undertaking trials to ascertain the effectiveness of cannabis to treat many medical conditions. Having a database of articles serves two primary purposes.

  1. The research papers contain the latest information known by science. These papers must meet several criteria for inclusion on websites such as Pubmed. This means they can, to a high degree, be trusted by both medical professionals and the public. Until a few years ago the public didn’t have access to these journals, meaning only medical professionals who subscribed to them knew the results. Now, our members can read them and gain a better understanding of both their own condition and see evidence about the effectiveness of cannabis
  2. The research papers underpin what we do. Far from a reliance on ‘Herbology’ or Old Wives Tales, we’re using the very latest science, often before it’s read by the wider profession. This is critical to our credibility when writing about products, terpenes, devices or formulations.

Articles & Interviews

We believe Real World evidence given to us by patients is a critical resource to share amongst our community. The fact is, people experience cannabis in different ways. For some, it’s essential for them to get through the day. For others, it’s a chance to relax in the evening on their sofa. Likewise, people have a different terpenes & flavours