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A community who use plants for medicinal purposes. Contribute and get rewards

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Plantz is a Community

We’re a community who want to take control of our medicine. Members are rewarded for your contributions, including eventual ownership of the company. We source the products you want and offer cheaper prices.

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Work for our Community

Everything we do is on behalf of our community. This includes working out ways to save you money by sourcing the best products and offering discounts on prices for Points you earn.

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Give Members Control 

You earn tokens simply by engaging with the community. Tokens can be exchanged for discounts in the shop, but also give you a say over what we do and how we do it.

Plantz is on a mission to build a community passionate about plants with medicinal properties

Reasons to Join the Plantz Community

Plantz is building a community with a difference. 

We’re attempting something that has never been done before. To build a profitable company owned by its community, not by shareholders.

Here we list 5 great reasons to become part of our community and be part of our journey.

What is Plantz? Our Manifesto

Plantz is attempting to do something disruptive in the healthcare industry and we want your participation. We’re doing it because we’re tired of being told by healthcare companies they “put patients first” when we all know they really put their shareholders first. We want to build a company run by its community. Read how to be a part of it.

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Introducing the Plantz Buying Club

The Plantz Buying Club enables our members to use their Plantz Points to enjoy discounts on items sold in our shop. Every Plantz member has an account, which contains their total number of points. These points can be exchanged in the Shopping Cart for discounts on items.

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The Science of Cannabinoid Medicine

People have used plants for their medicinal properties for millenia. However, the science behind their power is only now being understood. Plantz provide an ongoing database of scientific research to help cannabis professionals and patients.

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Join our community and earn Pointz based on your contributions

Getting Started

 Our community earn themselves points by contributing articles to help others. Check out these samples, join Plantz and send us your proposals.

History of Plant Medicine

Since the 1970’s, when the UN, encouraged by politician’s paranoia, declared a War on Drugs, the prevailing attitude has been ‘Drugs Are Bad’. Which has obscured the fact that drugs,

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