ADHD is one of the most common prescriptions for cannabis.

In this project we research the association between cannabis and ADHD.

It’s generally understood that ADHD is caused by low dopamine. Typical treatments include amphetamines such as Ritalin. However, prolonged use of these treatments can to cause side effects, which make them unviable in the long term for many patients.

Meanwhile, as our understanding of ADHD has increased, so has its diagnosis, especially amongst young people. 

Project Aims

    1. To gain an understanding of the relationship between ADHD and treatments with cannabinoids by compiling a comprehensive directory of resources, research papers, help groups and treatment centres.
    2. Provide a forum for patients to discuss which cannabinoids and cannabis-based treatments work for them, including forms and consumption methods.
    3. To invite community members with experience of ADHD & cannabis to share their experiences to encourage a wider knowledge for both patients and medical professionals.

We want to find solutions. Which products, or combination of natural medicines, do patients find best when coping with ADHD. Through the community we want to source medicines that our community has identified as ‘This works for me”.

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