The foundation of Plantz is built on the science that explains how cannabis interacts with our bodies to help treat many patient conditions. We do this for two fundamental reasons:

  1. Patients can now access vast amounts of scientific research that was previously unobtainable. In many ways this puts them ahead of many medical professionals. 
  2. There is still a significant amount of stigma and suspicion surrounding the effectiveness of cannabis to treat conditions. Understanding and sharing the science is vital so, as a community, we can demand better access to cannabis as a medicine option.

This article introduces the Endocannabinoid System, a vital but little understood component of the human body. Think of the ECS like a car dashboard. A car’s dashboard shows information such as speed, temperature and direction. Our brain make the ultimate decision, e.g. whether to go faster or slower, but the dashboard gives it the information used to make the decision. In a similar way (although far more complicated and incredible), our ECS passes information to the brain, which then ‘decides’ which hormone to release, how much to release, for how long, etc.

Our CB1 and CB2 receptors are a vital part of our dashboard that interacts with the THC and CBD molecules in cannabis. The interaction with these receptors is why our brains react the way it does when we consume cannabinoids. This article is written in plain English to introduce the basic concepts behind this extraordinary, natural human dashboard.

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