Creativity: Sabrina Findlay

By Sabrina Findlay, Twyford. 

My fingers are icicles. It’s February morning in Amsterdam 2009. I’ve positioned myself regrettably on a cold hard porcelain toadstool, getting my “wake ‘n bake” on at The Bulldog cafe, back when it truly was a backpackers hotbox haven. My 23rd birthday is looming, I just left a stable, well-paid job in the makeup industry mid-recession amid heightened global financial anxiety. I just wanted to get high.

While admiring the simple elegance and efficiency of an S roach, I pondered what prospective recession averting job options were available. I added the gig money I earned on the side as your standard ‘hit me with Ain’t no Sunshine in Dm’ musician, mentally subtracted the round of beers I bought at the same establishment that paid me for the gig, which was equal to just about enough to justify an upgrade from 2ply to 3ply, so I could dry my tears on marginally softer puppies.

On this very morning, I consciously crumbled my woes into a fresh crispy zoot.

Align, pinch, fingernail slide, 1turn, smooth, 2turn, adjust, Slick Lick, paste, taptaptap.

I admired my handy-work and pulled a chopstick from my hair for the final poke down.

At least I rolled like a Boss. (Light… inhale… suspend……… exhale) x 3, accompanied with a sweet cuppa, I zoned in on my innermost super-stoned powers. And there it was, clarity through the hotrocks and haze, numb arsed on my magic mushroom pew. I started creating an adventure obstacle course towards my ideal means of survival using my favourite tool – Music.

The difference between a stoned couch philosopher and a stoned creator, is simply the first act of writing those moments of clarity down. Stop talking about it. With all the clichés of a poet, I grabbed the nearest grease free napkin, borrowed a pen from the psychedelic pharmacist, and got creative. Little stoned me didn’t know this adventure would still be as page turning as it was 13 years ago. And rewarding, to say the least.

What you do with your spontaneous ideas in practice is down to your personal discipline and tenacity. I enjoy smoking these 3 strains because they help to break down my creative inhibitions while making music, avoiding annihilation to the point where red eye and paranoia have equally claimed abilities to communicate cohesively. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there with Bruce Banner.

Creativity can be customised to every aspect of your daily life. The smoke aids thinking outside the box, not being stuck in it.

Life update: My current puppies are 4 ply AND eco friendly. Well What Do You Know?

Sour Diesel

This strain is for when you have your main ideas down, done your errands for the day and armed yourself with a bag full of munchies to last you till the morning. If you’re a newbie, bread is a no go, the cotton mouth struggle is real.

Sour Diesel sets me up for a heavy writing night. Piano at the ready, chords of all structures magically fall under my fingers and in that moment, I’m convinced I’ve written the answer to early retirement.

Of course, the next day sobriety will be the judge of the alleged masterpiece, at least you know the music created was not peppered with insecurities during the making.

Tip: Don’t be tempted to stray from your task, take longer breaks before skinning up again.

   Image from… 420 Magazine 

Nepalese Temple Ball

Imagine yourself with your eyes closed, meditating, birds singing, trees rustling, while sitting cross-legged rolling these lovely balls of hash on top of a mountain. That’s how I imagine they were created. Whether that’s totally true, is up to you. Temple ball is what I smoked every time I visited Amsterdam because it’s the only place I could find it. Each variation of temple cream or ball, contributed to another tributary of the ‘Get Your Shit Together’ mind map.

If you do get your hands on some temple ball, enjoy it like a Michelin 3-star meal (call me). I love it because you can physically feel the synapses in your brain as they fire up and make connections. It opens up the ‘No Go Zones’ of the spiritual mind. On top of all that, it smells and tastes amazing. Be prepared for enlightenment level unlockage.

Image from .Buy Cannabis Online US                                     Image from.. Magivanga

OG Kush

Simply because it’s the OG. Always the reliable invisible egoless band member, I like smoking this before rehearsal to zone me even further into the music as well as push vocal boundaries while improvising. It’s a great socialiser too so conversation is guaranteed. Best way to enjoy – skin up a fat dutchie and pass it on the left-hand side.

  Image from.. Greenway Magazine