ADHD Research Tables

The link between ADHD and cannabis has been the subject of extensive research.
Covering the latest research is vital to understand the science behind the links between cannabis & ADHD. We want to to know more about the causes and effectiveness of current treatments.
To make this research easier to understand we provide:  

  • A short summary of important research written in plain English
  • A “TL/DR:” overview of the current research
  • An opportunity for the community to ask questions and steer future research
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Cannabis & ADHD Research

Summary: What Does This Mean?

Several key themes emerge from the history of research into cannabis & ADHD.

  • There is overwhelming evidence that young people with ADHD have a higher likelihood of using cannabis in later life. What’s in dispute is whether this use constitutes “Substance Abuse” or is a sign that ADHD patients find that self-medicating with cannabis helps them.
  • The majority of studies are self-reporting. This relies on patients giving an honest assessment of whether or not cannabis is working. 


You can discuss the topic of ADHD with other members in our dedicated Forum

  • What age do ADHD patients start using cannabis?
  • Is there a specific product that helps ADHD? What products does our community find helps them? Can we conduct a running survey that is constantly updated?
  • Can cannabis be combined with another product to make it even more effective.
  • Does a low dose THC product work? Many patients don’t want to feel ‘stoned’ during the day.

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Task 1 – Can you find more research articles (100 points)
Task 2 – An interview with an ADHD patient who takes cannabis (100 points)
Task 3 – Are you a medical professional with experience in ADHD? Can you provide expert analysis? (250 points)
Task 4 – Are you an ADHD patient who takes cannabis for your condition? Can you share which products work for you?  (50 points)
Task 5 – Are you a graphic designer? Can you create an original illustration of how cannabis interacts with our receptors? (25 points)
Task 6 – To design a survey asking the community about their experiences with ADHD and which form of cannabis helps them? (Points: 100)

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