What is Plantz? Our Manifesto

Plantz is attempting to do something disruptive in the healthcare industry and we want your participation. We’re doing it because we’re tired of being told by healthcare companies they “put patients first” when we all know they really put their shareholders first. We want to build a company run by its community. Read how to be a part of it.

Introducing the Plantz Buying Club

The Plantz Buying Club enables our members to use their Plantz Points to enjoy discounts on items sold in our shop. Every Plantz member has an account, which contains their total number of points. These points can be exchanged in the Shopping Cart for discounts on items.

Reasons to Join Plantz

Plantz is a community with a difference. We’re attempting something that has never been done before: to build a profitable healthcare company owned by its community, not by shareholders.

Here are just 3 great reasons to become part of our community and shape our journey.

UK Events

Our community help to keep an updated directory of cannabis events. These can help members talk about plants and related products. We can also help event organisers by selling tickets, recruiting volunteers and providing advocates for speaking opportunities.

Why Do Terpenes Affect Us?


Terpenes, aromatic compounds found in various plants, including cannabis, are gaining attention not only for their distinctive scents but also for their potential to exert physical effects on the human body. Beyond simply contributing to the fragrance of flowers and fruits, terpenes play a fascinating role in influencing our physical and emotional well-being. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of terpenes and explore how these aromatic molecules can have tangible effects on humans.

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