The Science of Cannabinoid Medicine

People have used plants for their medicinal properties for millenia. However, the science behind their power is only now being understood. 

Plants contain molecules and compounds that bind to our body’s receptors. These receptors act like a dashboard, sending signals that increase or decrease various hormones. These hormones can have a huge influence over our moods and emotions and our general wellbeing.

Plants such as cannabis contain hundreds of these different compounds, including terpenes, volatile sulfur and skatols, giving them unique smells and flavours. However, it’s the cannabinoids, such as THC & CBD, that explain many of the plant’s medicinal qualities.

In fact, there are dozens of research projects happening around the world into the medicinal power of plants. Plantz has made it a foundation of our company to understand the science behind the reasons why plants, and specifically cannabis, work to make us feel better.

We team up with Doctors & researchers to compile the world’s most comprehensive database of studies into cannabinoids and terpenes. This contains links to hundreds of online ‘papers’ written by scientists around the world.

The research educates our community, enabling them to better self-medicate for their own conditions, whether that is anxiety, PTSD, endometriosis or many other conditions that can be helped by cannabis. However, it also enables Plantz to better source natural products that can be used by our members. This includes supplements made from natural products that can help patients.