Why might cannabis be effective for Endo?

I found this post on LinkedIn by a great researcher called Gregor Zorn. He compiles research from all sorts of cannabis trials and provides an analysis + his own comments.

“Endometriosis is a painful disorder where endometrial cells grow outside the uterus – this causes different types of pain (chronic pelvic pain, painful intercourse/periods/urination/bowel movements) and can lead to infertility. With an estimated 190 million of women suffering from this disorder, no current treatment and symptom management medications lacking efficacy (and having serious side effects), patients are looking for natural, effective alternatives, to manage this affliction.
The ECS seems like an obvious target and researchers have been evaluating the activity of the components of this system to understand its activity in these specific disease states.
In a new study, researchers examined the expression of cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 (CB1, CB2) are in ovarian endometriotic lesions.
They found that there was intense expression for CB1 and CB2 in the epithelial cells in ovarian endometriotic lesions. Compared with stroma in ovaries with endometriotic lesions, the expression of CB1 and CB2 was significantly higher in the epithelial cells in endometriotic lesions in the ovary (P < 0.0001 and P < 0.05, respectively). Immunoblotting and gene expression assays showed similar patterns for CB1 and CB2 protein and CNR1 (gene encoding CB1) and CNR2 (gene encoding CB2) gene expression.
This new data provides new understanding and supports the claims of women who have been using cannabinoid preparations for this condition. With such an intense CB1/CB2 receptor expression in these lesions, applying phytocannabinoids that act as (partial) agonists would seem to have the desired effect.
I would presume that using local applications of D9-THC would be a good starting point, as there would be little to no systemic effects (no intoxication) and higher doses could be used if necessary. Alternately, local D8-THC preparations could also be tested, as it has similar effects to D9-THC, with even less unwanted potential side effects.

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